October 2023


"The Greatness of the Human Personality Begins at the Hour of Birth."

Dr. Maria Montessori,

The Absorbent Mind

, which means Nest in Italian, is for our youngest children

from 8 weeks to 15 months old.

As children transition from home to our beautiful Nido environment, they are welcomed with warmth and tenderness. Parents and children enter together to confirm what the parents already know. Having chosen MorningStar Montessori, the parents are confident that our Nido environment is the best place besides home for their children.

With love, respect, and affirmation the children's new "caregivers" gently assist them to become accustomed to their new surroundings, and most importantly, to form the bonds of trust between them.

With love and trust comes joy ~ and the confidence for exploration and discovery.

"The chief characteristic of the human babe is intelligence ...."

Who would say such a thing about a newborn child except one who has studied and observed the newborn?

"The child's eyes are very active: he not only receives impressions through them, but seeks, them, like an active researcher."

Our Nido environment is like no other ....

"The child has no limits, but takes in the whole environment, incorporating it in his psyche."

"He wants the world - all of it that is around him to build up his adaptation to it.

It is a mistake to seclude the child in a nursery, a sort of prison,
with a nurse for sole companion,  and make him sleep as much as possible..."

Dr. Maria Montessori,

Education for a New World