October 2023

Wisconsin Montessori Geographical Learning

At MorningStar Montessori Cedarburg, the Geography materials are not a single section, but instead, are discovered in all areas of the Wisconsin Montessori environment, including Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Science, Culture, History, and especially Montessori Language Learning. Although much of geography consists of abstract ideas: such as continents, countries, states, cities, etc, MorningStar Montessori makes it as hands-on as possible with the use of: Sandpaper and Continent Globes, wooden Puzzle Maps of the World, Puzzle Maps of each Continent, the United States and Mexico, Flags of the World, and Social Studies Folders – pictures of people, places, plants, and animals of each continent. By putting his or her fingers in the waters around an island, the Land Forms makes it easier for a child to understand the concept of island or lake, strait or isthmus, archipelago or chain of lakes, etc.

Montessori School Geography

Diverse Geographical Backgrounds at Milwaukee Area Montessori

Along with many children’s atlases and books of people and places around the world, we are very fortunate to have both adults and children who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and countries. Everything and everyone has a story – from where we have come, where we live, wherever we travel, historical events, and the current events of our own day.

Geography is the science that deals with the study of man’s habitat on the planet earth.

Geography, in its infinite study, connects all of the aspects of the earth and human life. In Montessori, the children study the connectedness of Astronomy, the Anatomy and Structure of the earth, the Biosphere of plant and animal life, Physical Geography, Human Geography which is the distribution of people on the land, Human Adaptation, Historical Geography, and Dynamic Geography which is the study of weather, temperature, precipitation, clouds, and wind.

Through the wealth of the Montessori geography materials and the great fortune of exploring our nine acres of woods, sky and fields, coupled with the knowledge and experience of the Guide, MorningStar Montessori utilizes every opportunity to bring the world, past and present, with all of its wonders to the children.